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Welcome to Prepper Land!

Thanks for visiting Prepper Land!  Prepper-Land is a central repository for Survivalist / Prepper information – one stop shopping, if you will.  Pretty much, any and all info that you need with regard to this topic will be found on my website.

When I started “prepping,” I noticed that there were a bazillion websites out there with information scattered to the winds.  I thought to myself, “Why not provide a website that will act as a central repository for everything that a prepper would need to know?”  And that is what I have done.

I don’t personally provide every aspect of Prepper information.  However, I’ll point you in the right direction through my links.  For example, as you will notice, on the homepage towards the top are many widgets that have important information that every Prepper should know or have access to, such as the price of certain commodities, how the US dollar is doing, weather, crime, and much more.

Furthermore, I have set up 22 Survival categories with subcategories.  The purpose is to assist you with navigating through the website – to help you find this information.  Some categories do overlap with other categories.  But as you will see, I took a common sense approach with the design and development of this website.  After navigating through it, I think you will agree that it makes sense – the way I set it up.  However, feel free to send me suggestions on how to improve it.  I’m always open to new ideas.

In addition, at the bottom of each page, people have the opportunity to add comments via Disqus.  Disqus is a social media outlet that allows folks to add comments to articles.

Also, I do have a Podcast and Blog that I will update from time to time.  In my Podcasts and Blogs, I will review late-breaking information related to preparing and/or surviving a disaster.  In addition, I will do product reviews.  I will sift through many of the prepper products out there and let you know what is truly needed versus what’s “cool to have.”  Let’s face it, a lot of the products out there fall under the “cool to have” category.  And I don’t know about you, but I’m on a limited budget … so I don’t have the funds to go out there and buy whatever.

Well, that’s all for now.  Look forward to hearing from you.

-Buzz Smith



Please feel free to post messages/comments throughout this website. I am using Disqus instead of Facebook for a couple reasons:

1. Disqus provides anonymity for those who prefer that.

2. After comments from Zuckerberg (big cheese at Facebook), referring to FB users as “dumb fucks,” it made me reluctant to use FB. I do have a FB account, but rarely use it.

The social media site that I use the most is Twitter. Please follow me on Twitter. Yes, I am aware that FB and Google are going to buy Twitter, but at least it was not his idea from the git-go … so I am willing to make some concessions with regard to that … just in case you are wondering.  :-)

Anyway, Disqus is super easy to set up and use. Look forward to reading your messages!

3. Please do not send me any validation messages on Twitter.  I am not a Twitter-bot.  My Twitter account is real, this website is real, and I am real.  Therefore, no need for the Twitter validation crap.  But feel free to send me a Direct Message (DM) if you want to chat about whatever.  Thanks!






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